Global Jet Legend Viper Jet 1.9M

Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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Global Jet Legend Viper Jet 1.9M

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Model: Global Jet Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
Brand: JL Jets
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Global Jet Legend Viper Jet 1.9M





Based on a well proven airframe design marketed in the early 2000s,  this 1.9 Meter Viper Jet is designed especially for sport/scale and jet beginners in mind.  It's affordable, simple to operate, easy to fly, and great looking.

Length: 1900 mm
Span: 1840mm
Weight: 11KG Dry
Turbine: 80-120N (17-26 lbs)Thrust

Flying Videos :

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=EKHUuJ2lYUA


Build Threads:



Viper Tech Sheet 

1 Piece Fuselage construction for strength and lightweight
Wide open engine bay (Optional: 120N Turbine installed with Smoke System and smoke tanks)

Removable Tails
Simple 1 Spar plug-in
Custom-made plastic tanks for puncture and rapture resistance  
Wide-open pre-cut tray area

Simple L/G system, no gear doors

Installed control surfaces, paintd outside the mold.

Here are the key design concepts that went in to this airplanes

  1. Affordable for entry level jet pilot
  2. Simple to build – It comes with ARF, ARF PRO W, RTF, and Turnkey options
  3. Simple to operate and field assembly – require minimum tools and minimum setup procedures
  4. Reliable and strong:  No complex gear doors, simple retract system, blow-molded plastic fuel tanks for fire resistance,
  5. Great looking – Painting outside of the mold, highly polished surfaces, scale appeal, yet looks
  6. Performance of Sport Jet with scale look
  7. Wide performance envelope – Easy to fly and land, high performance for sport enthusiasts.
  8. Easy to Transport – 2 removal wings, 1 vertical fin, and 1 horizontal fin
  9. Economical to Operate

Airframe Constructions:
Wings: Aerospace quality Airex composite constructions for extra lightweight and strength
Fuselage: Fiberglass constructions for easy maintenance and field repairs in case of damages
Control Surfaces: Conventional hinges for durability.  Pre-installed at ARF level and up.

Simple setup:  Only 4 (3mm) allen screws to assemble airplanes at the field
1 screw per wing mount
2 screws for securing tails

*Professionally Painted *Externally Painted.
*Pre-installed hinges, control horns, and servo hatches. *Installed wheel wells, landing gear plates, and wing mounts.  
*Pre-installed, but removable tails and dorsal fins. *Simple, pre-cut gear doors for easy installation and maintenance of landing gear.

Carbon Fiber Flex Plates for landing gear mounts
2mm airlines for air conservation and smooth retract operation ($680/Set)

Built-in digital retract valves and brake valves (Optional. $180/set)


Sport Scale Cockpit (Optional, $50 each): Lightweight ½ height cockpit

Canopies: Choice of Smoke(Brown) and Clear canopies at no extra charge. (+B for Brown, or +C for Clear at the end of item number when ordering)

Landing Gear System:

  1. Trailing link designs for straight tracking and control at take-off and landing
  2. Carbon Fiber Flex Plates for all 3 retracts
  3. Durable aircraft grate aluminum struts with oil/air shocks
  4. 2mm airlines for smooth air flow and air saving

Hardware Packages:

  1. Aluminum Control horns for all control surfaces
  2. Control rods for Ailerons, flaps, steering, rudder, and elevator
  3. Servo mounting rails

ARF PRO Wired options:
Servo Wire /Air System pre-installed

  1. Customized servo wires packages for Viper Jet.
  2. Silver coated wire
  3. Special cut-to-length servo extension
  4. Gold plated connectors fits all JR/FUTABA/HI-TECH servos
  5. Air lines installed,
  6. Quick disconnectors

RTF Configurations:

  1. all features in ARF PRO Wired
  2. plus installed digital retract/brake system
  3. Installed high quality high torque, 20KG/Cm, high-volume, Li-Po compatible digital servos (7 standard servos) warranty covered by Global Jet
  4. Installed UAT, Fuel Tanks,
  5. Just add your receiver, batteries for Rx/turbine, and Turbine, and then go fly

Turnkey Configurations: (Coming soon, Call Global Jet for details and orders)

  1. Installed T12 (JET LEGEND) Turbines,
  2. 3 Year warranty on Engines,
  3. Internal ECU
  4. Kero-start
  5. 120N ( 26lbs thrust at sea level)

Configurations and Pricing:

ARF = Airframes + Hardware Packages
ARF+LG = ARF airframe + landing gear system (retracts, struts, wheels, brakes, air tanks, airline, and Y connectors)
Price:$1280+$680=$1960.00+ painting charge.
ARF PRO Wired = ARF+Installed landing gear system+digital retract and brake controllers+ installed air lines and servo wires+standard scale cockpit+Installed navigation lights.
RTF 1= ARF PRO WIRED + Global Jet 20KG HV digital servo installed.
RTF 2 =  ARF PRO WIRED + JR DS8915 digital servo installed.
Turnkey T12 = RTF 1 + Jet Legend T12 (120N/24LBS) turbine installed.  (RX & Batteries Sold Separately)
Price: $4995.00
Turnkey P100RX = RTF 1 + Jetcat P100RX (100N/22LBS) turbine installed.  (RX & Batteries Sold Separately)
Price: From $6880.00, varies depending on options.

Contact our advisors for RTF and Turnkey Viper options and availability

Options: Price (when sold separately)

ARF Airframe Only: $1280-$1380 (Price depending on paint schemes)

Smoke System: $180

Digital retract and brake controllers: $180

Landing Gear Flex Plates: $39/Set ( 1 Nose & 2 mains)


Navaigation lights system: $199 (Check this link for more installation photos)

Available Paint schemes and Additional Prices. (See Tech Center Blog for more Paint Scheme Details)

Paint scheme:V20120: standard, painted outside the mold, no extra charge
V20120B = Airframe with Smoke (Brown) Canopy*
V20120C = Airframe with Clear Canopy*
*Please specify B or C for Canopy Choices (Factory standard: Smoke/Brown)

V20121: Red/White/Silver, add $50  V20121+B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)

V20122: Silver/Red, add $50, +B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)

V20123: Canadian AETE,  Add $50.00 +B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)

V20124: Hawk 2010, Add $100 +B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)

V2015: Green/White/Blue, Add $50.00 + B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)

V20126: Black/Gold, Add $50  (Coming Soon, Actual size shown) +B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)

V20127: Yellow/Green/Silver,  $1280+ $50  V20127+B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)

V20128: Ferrari,  $1280+ $100  V20128+B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)

V20129: Blue Angel,  $1280+ $100  V20129+B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)

V201501: VF-84 Jolly Rogers,  $1280+ $100  V201501+B (Brown Canopy), or C(Clear Canopy)


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Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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Global Jet  Legend Viper Jet 1.9M
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